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Bare Knuckle, a new album by blues guitarist Guitar Shorty

Bare Knuckle

1) Please Mr. President
(Bruce Iglauer, Wyzard & David (4:13)

Click below to listen to the new Guitar Shorty hit, "Please Mr. President!"

2) Too Hard To Love You
(James C. Johnson, Tangerine Music/Vito Rococo Music, BMI) (3:45)

3) The Sting
(Wyzard, G'noosh Mouth Publishing, ASCAP) (3:23)

4) Slow Burn
(Wyzard, Vida Simon & Jon Tiven, G'noosh Mouth Publishing, ASCAP/Uncontrolled Compositions, admin. by Kobalt Music Publ.,BMI) (5:08)

5) True Lies
(Danny Tate & Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Only Hit Music/Songs Of Universal, Inc., BMI) (4:15)

6) Texas Women
(Lezlea Ross, David (4:23)

7) Too Late
(David (4:14)

8) Neverland
(Bob Halligan, Jr., WBOB Music/Full Court Hoops & Songs, ASCAP) (3:58)

9) Betrayed
(Wyzard, G'noosh Mouth Publishing, ASCAP) (5:51)

10) Get Off
(Tom Hambridge & Tommy Castro, Tom Hambridge Tunes, ASCAP/Tommy Castro Music, BMI) (3:16)

11) Bad Memory
(Talley, McMahon & Smith, Warner Tamerlane Music, BMI) (3:47)

12) Temporary Man
(Dennis Jones, Leroy's Boy Music, BMI) (3:28)

Available from Alligator Records. Click here to purchase Bare Knuckle.


Alligator Records

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